Drapes and Sheers

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Drapes and Sheers

Drapes and sheer curtains transform rooms, they also add value to homes.  The warm textures and elegant shapes will instantly improve the ambiance of your home.  Fully lined drapes combined with a pelmet will offer maximum darkness and comfort.  Soft sheer curtains will offer privacy while diffusing sunlight and softening the room.

Wilson Fabrics Husk Sheer Curtains

This sheer curtain is fitted inside a pelmet and can be pinch pleated or gathered for a more casual look. Pictured here is the beautiful Husk Sheer Fabric.

© Image courtesy of Wilson Fabrics

James Dunlop Provence Antibes sheer curtain

The fabric has been pooled onto the floor to give a luxurious feel, the sheer curtain has been gathered and fitted to a thin black rod with rings.  Provence Antibes Fabric.

© Image courtesy of James Dunlop

Wilson Fabrics Sabre Sheer Fabric Curtains

If you’re looking for a more formal style, this can be achieved by what’s called pinch pleat or ripplefold. The fabric pictured here is Sabre Sheer Fabric.

© Image courtesy of Wilson Fabrics

Wilson Fabrics Hepburn Sheer Curtains

Hepburn Sheer fabric is fitted inside a pelmet to enhance the casual flowing effect of the fabric and hide where the fabric is fixed above the window.

© Image courtesy of Wilson Fabrics

Bambino Collection by Warwick Fabrics

Bambino Fabric has been used in these fully lined drapes.  The fabric choice adds drama and colour to the room.  You can achieve this style with pinch pleat or ripplefold.

© Image courtesy of Warwick Fabrics

Scarborough Collection by Warwick Fabrics

This Scarborough Collection fabric creates a formal style, pinch pleating compliments this fabric with even spacings in the gather to suit the pattern.

© Image courtesy of Warwick Fabrics

Pegasus Zoology Fabric Drapes

For a causal country style a gathered or pencil pleated fabric fitted to a wooden rod with rings. The fabric pattern, Zoology, also lifts the mood of the room.

© Image courtesy of Pegasus

Wilson Fabrics Tulum Damask Goblet Pleat Drapes

Tulum Damask fabric has been fully lined and pleated with goblet pleats.  A contrast band treatment has been added to these drapes to add interest and depth.

© Image courtesy of Wilson Fabrics

Drapes and sheer styles

When choosing drapes, curtains and sheers for your home, there are many options when it comes to styles and fits. Here are some examples of styles and installation options and the benefits and considerations for each one.

S fold sheer curtains

S Fold Sheer

S Fold curtains give a uniform fold to the fabric and look great when fitted to the ceiling with square set plaster or to the wall directly under the cornice.

Image: ‘Bali’ fabric in colour Snow

Bedroom with S Fold blockout drapes installed

S Fold Blockout Lined

The S Fold blockout is an elegant design that blocks out light. If you have a square set plaster, it can be ceiling mounted, or it can be fitted just below the cornice.

Image: ‘Fabric Stallion 2’ in colour Vapour

Wave fold sheer installed over window

Wave Fold Sheer - Detail

The main benefit of this option is that is has plastic hooks rather than metal.  This means that it can’t rust and is easy to take down to wash and then rehang.

Image: ‘Bali’ fabric in colour Cloud

S Fold sheer curtains installed on dining window

Wave Fold Sheer

Wave fold is very similar to S Fold in that it creates the the same modern and elegant shapes. Wave fold has wider heading tape and plastic hooks instead of metal.

Image: ‘Bali’ fabric in colour Snow

Triple pinch pleat drapes

Triple Pleat Lined Drapes

Triple pinch pleat is a traditional drapes style that gives full, even folds in the fabric. It has a separate blockout lining which maintains soft folds while blocking out light.

Image: ‘Brussels’ fabric in colour Charcoal

Twin pleated drapes

Twin Pleat Drapes

The twin pleat drapes style is used to make the drapes more compact. This allows the drapes to fold tighter and to clear more of the glass area when they are open.

Image: ‘Stallion 2’ fabric in colour Linen

Sheer cutain hanging in dining room

Reverse Pinch Pleat

This heading style can be cord operated or hand drawn. This style gives a nice even pleat with the pinches concealed and covers the track when the sheers are closed.

Image: ‘Sencha’ fabric in colour Dove

Triple pleated lined curtains

Lining (Separate Track)

This lining is fitted to a double track and is hidden behind the sheer fabric. Fitting the lining under the track allows it to fold back much tighter to show more of your window.

Image: ‘Guardian’ in colour Ivory

Pencil pleat sheer curtains

Pencil pleat sheer

Pencil pleats are gathered in such a way that achieves an organic style. This creates a more random and casual effect as the fabric’s folds are less defined.

Image: ‘Canaria’ fabric in colour Linen

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