Sheer curtains have become the most popular window treatment over the last few years due to the atmosphere they bring to a room, their versatility, affordability, and minimalist aesthetic. Unlike traditional curtains or drapes, which can be bulky and expensive, sheer curtains offer a simple yet stylish alternative that suits a variety of decor styles. Their lightweight nature makes them easy to hang and adjust, allowing for effortless customisation to achieve the desired level of privacy and light control.

Lightweight, stylish and affordable

The lightweight, translucent fabric of sheers gently filters natural light, creating a soft, ethereal ambiance that adds a touch of warmth and beauty to rooms. This delicate filtering effect not only enhances the overall aesthetic of a space but also helps to create a sense of openness and airiness, making rooms feel brighter and more inviting.

Another factor driving the popularity of sheer curtains is their versatility. Available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures, sheer curtains can complement virtually any decor style, from classic to contemporary. Whether used alone for a minimalist look or layered with heavier drapes for added depth and dimension, sheer curtains offer endless possibilities for customization and creativity. Additionally, their sheer fabric allows them to blend seamlessly with existing decor elements, making them an ideal choice for those looking to refresh their interiors without undertaking a major overhaul.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, sheer curtains also offer practical benefits. In addition to providing privacy without sacrificing natural light, sheer curtains can help to soften harsh sunlight, reduce glare, and protect furnishings from fading. Their lightweight construction makes them easy to install and maintain, while their affordability makes them an accessible option for homeowners looking to enhance the beauty and functionality of their living spaces.  Sheers can easily be installed over roller blinds or blockout lining. With a light look and feel they offer privacy in the daytime and an elegance to a room that most other treatments do not, and when open they don’t look to bulky.


Sheers can be made in two way draw or one way draw. They can also be floating on the track, so that you can choose to move them which ever way you want.
The fabrics available for these are endless, but our most common ones are the polyester fabrics. Polyester is very stable, it doesn’t stretch or shrink, so the length will remain the same. It is also very tough, so no need to worry about dogs and kids near the sheer curtains. From a maintenance perspective they can be rinsed in the bath and then hung back up to dry, with some towels underneath, it will then drip dry with very few creases.

Linen fabrics gives you that lovely crushed look. Keep in mind they’ll move with the seasons, stretching and shrinking, so you will need to pool these on the floor by at least 20mm to allow for the variance. The fabric will break down quicker too over time.


You can have lining attached to the sheer curtains, this layering gives the sheer a lovely background. Another option is to have the sheer on a front track and the blockout lining fitted on another track behind.


S fold has been a very popular style for sheer curtains, however it has press studs which can be hard to operate and can be an issue with rusting in areas near the ocean. A newer style is Wavefold which has been very successful. Wavefold have plastic hooks rather than the press studs and is easier to put up and take down. This style also has wider stiffening tape at the top, so the waves hold their shape better.

Another advantage of these newer styles is that the edges fold in towards the windows, rather that the old ones that overlapped. So if you have them opening in the centre of your window, you will hardly notice where the join is!

Wavefold looks best when it is long. If you have square set ceilings, it is best fitted to the ceiling, it makes the room look taller. If you have cornice, I like to have it installed approx 2cm below the cornice, this adds height to your room, without confusing the cornice and the track for the Wavefold.


One the most popular ranges we use is Bali. This range is a linen look without the linen price and comes in a beautiful range of colours. You can find these here.


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